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Downloading is the transmission of a document starting with one PC framework then onto the next, typically more modest PC framework. From the Internet client's perspective, to download a document is to demand it from another PC (or from a Web page on another PC) and to get it. 

Transferring is transmission the other way: from one, typically more modest PC to another PC. From an Internet client's perspective, transferring is sending a document to a PC that is set up to get it. Individuals who offer pictures with others on notice board frameworks (BBS) transfer documents to the BBS. 

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the Internet convention for downloading and transferring records and various unique applications can outfit FTP administrations for you. (Nonetheless, in the event that you are downloading through a Web page, the FTP demand is set up for you by the Web page. You are normally asked where you need the downloaded record set on your hard plate, and afterward the downloading transmission happens.) 

At the point when you send a connected record with an email note, this is only a connection, not a download or a transfer. Practically speaking, numerous individuals use "download" and "transfer" rather aimlessly so you simply need to comprehend the unique situation. For instance, in the event that somebody says to you "Download (or transfer) such- - and-such a document to me by email," they obviously signify "Send it to me as a connection." 

All in all, from the standard workstation or little PC client's perspective, to download is to get a record and to transfer is to send a document.

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