About Us

About Us

hindishortstory.xyz is a website which is created with a view of entertainment and to provide knowledge to our new generation's children. Here, in hindishortstory.xyz we provide many short stories in Hindi with some life lessons, with morals. The difficulty of language we use in these Hindi short stories is very simple. Anyone can easily understand by reading this. 

The stories are very important and have a big impact on any child's life. You can teach big and important life lessons to children or your kid in a very entertaining way. They will enjoy the story and also learn a lesson from the story.

In this website, you will get a different type of stories distinguished by categories according to your choice. You will find many categories such as Motivational stories, Inspirational Stories, Funny Stories and also you will get the life story of many famous people which will motivate you from the depth of your heart. And encourage you and also help you to achieve success in your life. 

I love to work on computers. This is my passion. I can work for hours without a break on computers. My passion has motivated me and bring me here in front of you all. Blogging has now become my hobby. I love to work on this website.

Behind every post of this site, my only motive is to provide valuable content to my readers. I am providing contents in the form of stories. If you have ever noticed, you have found that the number of Hindi Blog as compared to English Blog is very low on the internet. This is my small try to fill this gap. This is my very small try to provide valuable contents in our own Hindi language. So that everyone can understand easily. 

Hope my motive to create this website will succeed and may you all love my content and keep supporting me.

Thanks a lot!

Contact email-id :- [email protected]
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